#5 Wanderers and fortune seekers

A descendant of the Van der Heim family, from the city of Hamm in northern Germany, sought refuge in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century. More than three centuries later, an unsightly Bible, with a plastic formica cover with wood motif, ends up at the address of one of our editors. In the book a handwritten note from Godefrida van der Heim; one of the last descendants of this family. The editors of REALmag decide to follow the trail back and come across a history of wanderers and fortune seekers.

If there is something that characterizes our search for happiness – and that of many others – then it is the open end. Seek and you will find, it is written in the bible of Godefrida (Matthew 7). What you are looking for and what you will find you can not always say in advance. Man is blind in his quest and it is the history that opens our eyes. Only when we look back we will see that the happiness we were looking for was just ahead of our feet.