#6 Magy and the Fibonacci mystery

(Robottranslated by Google Translate)
The editors of REALmag chose for its sixth edition. for a current theme: the impact of robots on our human identity. Should we fear the demise of human civilization? Or are robots a sign of technological progress? Do they even form a new step on the evolutionary ladder?

This robot edition appears in the form of an exciting graphic story about twenty-year-old Magy and her robot colleague Harold. Together they discover secret information that puts at risk the most human traits: freedom and love. The story of Gert-Jan van den Bemd is set in 2038 and was portrayed by Gwen Stok and Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva. The drawings of this artist duo have a playful and macabre character: as if you are a guest of honor under cannibals and try to remember the right table manners.

But the new REALmag. is not a ready-made comic strip. Together with editor-in-chief and graphic designer Ab Bol, Gwen and Bruno have interwoven the story of Magy with contributions from editors and guest writers. There are interviews with experts in philosophy and technology (professor Jos de Mul), AI and cognitive psychology (dr. Joost Broekens and professor Marcel van Gerven), theology and games (dr. Frank Bosman), robot rights (dr. Rob van der Hoven van Genderen) and the director of sex doll manufacturer Motsudolls.