Erasmus on a raft

From Basel to Rotterdam

On Wednesday, June 15th mayor Aboutaleb spoke with Swiss thinkers in Basel about the importance of Erasmus in todays Europe.

The dialogue took place on a floating pavilion; an art project in the framework of the Erasmus year 2016. The editors of REALmag. attended the event. In their 2016 edition, which will be entirely devoted to Erasmus, an extensive report appears on this art project.

Ab Bol, chief editor of REALmag.: “The project of Florian Graf is part of the Erasmus year 2016. Rotterdam and Basel take this year the time to reflect on the life of this great humanist who 550 years ago was born in Rotterdam and died in 1536 in Basel. Graf built a raft with a pavilion on it which he baptised Stultitia II Floating Foll, the floating folly. With this raft he sails the following weeks on the Rhine from Basel to Rotterdam. Along the way he stops over in Mannheim and Cologne to bring writers, philosophers and artists in conversation with each other.”
Aboutaleb and his fellow speakers spoke on the floating pavilion on the ideas of Erasmus in our present time. “A time that has many similarities to the time when Erasmus was alive, filled with religious conflicts, political and social unrest”, says Ab Bol. “As a humanist Erasmus defended the freedom of thinking. He stood for respecting each others opinion and especially continue talking when there are differences of opinion. Aboutaleb spoke among other things about how Erasmus remained true to his own beliefs and yet managed to live and work in a positive way throughout Europe.”

REAlmag. is a self-discovering magazine about art and science. In the 2016 edition, which will appear on October 28 – the birthday of Erasmus – is an extensive report on the art project of Florian Graf, supported by the Rotterdam Centre for Visual Arts and the Committee Erasmus, Icon of Rotterdam. More information? Contact: Ab Bol: