REALmag. is a self-discovering magazine. Every edition is a voyage around a theme that has to do with identity. The contributions to the magazine are on the cutting edge of art and science. The editors do the research and make a part of the content of the magazine and ask artists and scientists for a contribution. Preferably the editorial staff will collaborate with one or more organisations on each issue based on the chosen theme. We regularly ask one of these organisations for a guest editor. The magazine is made and published by the REALmag Foundation. Each edition is a separate publication that differs per issue in theme, content, design and participants. The magazine appears once a year. REALmag. was founded in 2012 and has been a foundation since 01-04-2016. The home of REALmag. is Rotterdam.

REALmag. receives the personal details of its members by the registration of the members themselves via the website and webshop. In addition, REALmag. uses the email details of the people with whom she corresponds and collaborates. Members can opt out at any time via

REALmag. uses this data only to inform its members about its activities and to send ordered products. We will not use the data for other purposes. If we want to use your data for another purpose, we will inform you before the data is processed. Beside the editors of REALmag. there are no other persons who can dispose of the data. We treat the data confidentially and you can count on it that the data are secure and that we comply with the law.